exercise to burn belly fat

Simple Exercise to burn belly fat

Worried about your excess belly fats. Having trouble to get fit into dress you bought few months before? Having difficulty in wearing jeans that you wear few years ago during college days?? If all of your answer is Yes then, its time to make some changes your daily lifestyle. If you didn’t focused on your excess belly fat right time it may leads to negative effects on your health. It doesn’t necessary modeling peoples need of stomach flat but it’s necessary for all to get belly fat because it’s having long term effect on your health. Exercise is one of the best way to get stomach flat or reduce belly fat.


Running is one of the most effective and simple way keep you fit and healthy. There are several good effects of running as it helps to keep your heart rate up, burn calories and helps to get stomach flat by reducing belly fat. So change your daily routine by doing running activity. As your run your calories are burned got resulted in decrease in percentage of fat. So get your favorite shoe pair and start running to get belly flat.


Walking is one of the most recommended workout for beginners who are looking for workout to reduce belly fats. Walking is one of the best exercise to burn entire body fat. Most of the flat belly lovers surprised by reading walking, but yes walking is one of the most effective cardio exercise to burn belly fats. Study show that 30-40 daily walk with proper healthy diet helpful in quick weigh loss. Walking not helps in burning fat but also helps to increase heart rate and increase metabolism. As we know high metabolism leads to faster burn of calories.


After you got the master of walking skill then you can switch to Jogging. Jogging is one of the most recommended exercise that will help to easily burn fat accumulated in body especially flat belly. If you are bored of Walking or running then you can switch to jogging. According research as compared with weightlifting jogging is more easy and effective in burning unwanted fat accumulated in the body helps in getting flat belly.


If you loves to swimming and looking for exercise to get flat tummy then you are on the right way. Swimming is one of the best exercise, as it provides the same benefits as cardio provides. Swimming helps to get toned body by reducing weight. As you swims means you burn your extra calories to burn belly. So let start tour swimming activity one or twice week to start your journey to burn belly fats.

Reason Behind Excess Belly Fat-

  1. Stress

  2. Diseases

  3. Genetic

  4. Poor metabolism

  5. Over eating Habits

  6. Hormonal Changes in Body

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