Ideal reasons for you to have brown rice

Healthy diet is a key to live a healthy and active life. Physical and mental development depends not just on the quantity of the food you eat but also the quality of food you consume. There are certain nutrients like proteins, vitamins, essential fats and others that play a vital role in systematic growth of your body.

A vast majority of the people are used to including rice in their daily meals. For some of them, it is a staple food. But there are a variety of rice you may come across when you go for shopping. So which one should you prefer? Brown rice can be a good bet to ensure a healthy diet? You know why? Read this.

Given are the 4 great health benefits of brown rice.

1. Protects you from cancer and heart disorders

Health disorders like cancer, heart diseases, and arthritis have become highly common these days. And faulty diet patterns can be blamed to a large extent for the condition. An element called selenium is known to minimize risks of suffering from such disorders and brown rice is quite rich in selenium.

2. Good for reproductive and nervous system

It is a well-known fact that manganese is very helpful to maintain a sound reproductive and nervous system. Moreover, it also helps to synthesize body fats. And the good news is, brown rice carries a high content of manganese. Eating just a cup of the rice daily will fulfill around 80% of your body’s daily manganese requirements.

3. Helps to lose weight

The food is a good source of fibers. These fibers help to ease the process of digestion and ensure normal functioning of bowels. Also, consuming fibers on a daily basis is also good to control your untimely food cravings. All this translates into sure weight loss.

4. A great baby food

What better acknowledgement one may need about nutritional value of a food that is recommended for new-born babies? Brown rice contains so much of nutrients and fibers that it is recommended by several health experts for feeding new-born babies.

So start eating brown rice from today itself and enjoy an active life forever.

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