Essential benefits of going vegan

Many of us would like to ignore this statement than adoring and implementing it. As changing your taste and the way you like to have food is indeed a difficult task. However, opting for vegetarianism has many benefits altogether.

Given are the 5 vegan eating benefits that you should should know about.

1. Longevity

That is true. Researches have found out that being vegetarian adds 7 healthy years to your life. people who eat the least amount of fat and animal products have the lowest risk of heart attack, cancer, and other serious diseases.

2. Avoid meats

Also, the mass production of meat is environmentally damaging and unsustainable. So opting for vegetarianism will help in restoring planet’s health. Approximately 70 percent of the grain crop in the US is used for feeding animals being raised for food. It takes 15 pounds of feed to generate 1 pound of meat, and if the grain were given directly to people, there would be enough food to feed the entire planet. According to a study, the inefficiencies in the production of meat, milk, and eggs range from 4:1 to 54:1 energy input to protein output ratio, when tracking animal food production from feed to consumption Hence the production of animal foods is much less energy efficient than harvesting of grains, vegetables, legumes, and fruits.

3. Stop animal farming

Animal farming generates significant amounts of nitrous oxide and methane, which has a significant impact on global warming. Also, it is estimated that a pound of beef takes 2,500 gallons of water, while a pound of wheat takes 25. Hence, production of meat leads to wastage, and extensive water pollution.

4. Go vegan

Going green and vegan can save you from numerous food-borne diseases.

5. Has health problems

Also, the entire life of a captive animal raised for meat is unnatural. The animals are fodder involves abnormal diets for fattening, hormonal stimulation and the eventual killing. Reports says that 22 million animals are slaughtered per day in US itself to produce meat.

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